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Vision and Strategy

These are overused words but it’s important that every business, it’s owners, employees, suppliers and customers know where it’s heading and how it will get there. We can work with you to develop a vision for your business, a strategic plan to deliver it and ways to communicate the plan to your stakeholders that will bring it to life.

Growth Tactics

Sometimes even the most successful businesses find growth hard to come by. Things stall and go a bit stale. We can help stimulate you to come up with new ideas to drive growth. Innovation, promotions, breaking new markets, new business models and disruptive strategies that out-fox the competition are all things we can share experiences of and get you thinking of new ways of growing your business.





Profit Improvement

We help our clients identify and work through all of the levers they can pull to increase their profits. The cost of the goods and services they buy, the cost of manufacturing their products or delivering their service, the value they deliver to their customers and the price they can charge for it.

Leadership Development

As we progress though our careers or start and grow our own businesses we come across challenges as leaders. The biggest challenge of all is to get the best out of people – employees, suppliers, partners, customers – all are looking for leadership in one form or another. Let us help you find better ways to inspire and motivate all your stakeholders.

Employee Development

Nothing boosts productivity and profits more than engaged employees. People feel valued when you invest in their future. We offer mentoring and coaching of your high potential individuals, introduction to leadership workshops and team effectiveness programmes to help bring your employees with you on the journey.

Merger and Aquisition

Am I looking at this acquisition in the right way? Are both of us stronger than either of us? What are my real reasons for doing this and is the value created worth the resources needed to get there? Will the JV be a happy marriage? I got in but, when I’m ready, how do I get out? We’ve experienced all these scenarios and can ask the right questions and think things through.

Implementation Support

So we’ve worked with you for a while and we’ve helped you to identify some big things that you want to change. We can help plan and monitor the implementation of these changes. We’ll review the milestones at our regular meetings and help you hold people accountable for the successful completion of the work.

Facilitating Change

Sometimes big things need to change and most people really don’t like change! We can help you communicate your changes in a way that’ll bring people with you rather than have them running the other way. Workshops, communications, facilitated consultations and engagement sessions as well as project team design are what we’ll get you thinking about.

Non Exec Directorships

We’ve experienced first hand the value of having an NED on board. With the experience we have to offer we can provide NED services, or for partnerships and sole traders, a virtual NED service. That impartial voice of experience at the top table adds real value.

International Expansion

There’s a big world out there but where do you start? We can help you think it though and plan carefully. Export, acquisition, organic expansion, distributors, agents, licensing, in-market JVs and franchise are all areas we have first hand experience of and help you think through the best approach for your business.


Innovation and renovation are the lifeblood of businesses and brands. From consumer goods brands to professional services we can help you generate ideas and build an innovation stage and gate process, delivering a pipeline of new income streams and rejuvenated products and services.

Marketing Strategy

We can draw on our experiences of big brand consumer campaigns and the subtleties of marketing professional services to help you develop your marketing strategies and plans. From developing the essence of your brand identity or company image to helping you plan marketing communications we’ll be there to help you drive the thinking and choose your marketing partners.

Business Development in Professional Services Firms

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