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Make your business idiot proof!

Mon, 30 Jul 2018 - Firm News

"I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will." Warren Buffet

We’re not calling you an idiot! We’re not encouraging you to become an idiot or behave like one either. On the contrary, we inspire our clients to strengthen and simplify their businesses. We work with them to ensure that the business has a clear vision, a plan to deliver it, an operational structure to execute the plan and the right people in place to make it all happen.

The real essence of Mr. Buffet’s words is to aim to be a wonderful business. A business with valuable products or services, efficient processes and great people. If you focus on ensuring that you know where you’re heading and your people know it too. If you focus on delivering value to your customers and line up everything in the business behind that. If you focus on attracting, retaining and developing the best people underpinned by clear succession planning, you will create a wonderful business.

Focussing in this way will ultimately free up more of your time to enjoy your success. To spend more time thinking about your own future as well as that of your business. To change the balance between you working for the business and the business working for you!

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